EFI Seminar

Recently, the FAU Erlangen-Nuernberg started the Emerging Field Initiative that supports research fields which have demonstrated a promising development but are just beginning to establish themselves in the scientific landscape. One of these "emerging fields" is "Quantum Geometry". In this Emerging Field Project, the expertise of both mathematicians and physicists are brought together in order to make progress in our understanding of Quantum Gravity. From the physics perspective, the task of combining the principles of General Relativity with those of Quantum Theory is one of the most important research problems in foundational physics. This requires novel mathematical input since the standard techniques of Quantum Field Theory fail in the case of the gravitational interaction. From the mathematical perspective, the new mathematical structures that arise in this effort may trigger progress in various mathematical disciplines such as infinite dimensional geometry, representation theory and related areas of Mathematical Physics.

The financial means provided by the FAU will allow us to set up a first class visitor programme, develop a special curriculum of physics and mathematics courses that focus on Quantum Geometry and to host international workshops, schools and conferences. The financial means are provided for an initial period of 2 years and may be extended for another 3 years after an intermediate evaluation. After that the FAU will decide whether Quantum Geometry has matured sufficiently in order that identifying it to be one of its core areas is justified. The erection of a permanent Emerging Field Centre "Quantum Geometry" may then be conceivable.

An official EFI seminar is held together with the mathematicians on Thursdays 4 pm. More details about the emerging field project "Quantum Geometry" and the current schedule of the EFI seminar can be found on the official emerging field project homepage .

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