Monday February 15 to Friday February 19 2016 Tux, Austria

General Information

The workshop brings together experts on canonical and covariant loop quantum gravity and related topics, in the scenic village of Tux, in the Austrian alps.

Hintertux Glacier

Hintertux Glacier

Topics covered by the conference include

  • All approaches to loop quantum gravity (e.g. canonical, covariant, GFT)
  • Other approaches to quantum gravity and their relation to LQG
  • LQG related quantum gravity phenomenology
  • Quantum gravity topics of general interest

Organizers of the conference are

  • Norbert Bodendorfer <>
  • Christian Fleischhack <>
  • Jerzy Lewandowski <>
  • Hanno Sahlmann <>

The venue of the conference is the Gletschersaal at the Tux Center.

The conference dinner will take place Wednesday, Feb. 17, 19:00 at the Höllstein-Hütte.

Universytet Warszawski

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